Birthday Bash in Bayabas


Bayabas Before School Hours

Bayabas from my window


I don’t know, for some reason, I like the whole date sequence today. 10-11-12. October 11, 2012. It is a Thursday, which means the beginning of four days of intense work. The peak days of my odesk projects are Thursday to Sunday – deadlines, skype conference, editing and revising, charging, and all that.

Anyway, I started today with Matins – my dawn prayer. I am lucky I have a sacred space in the hut where I live. At night, when everything is quiet, I pray the Compline – the night prayer of the whole church.

I just realized that in this small space I call home now, I have everything I need: a laptop, an altar, and place to sleep.

Life is good. There are still many problems to solve, debts to pay, friends to apologize, books to write, projects to complete, and a sick sister to take care of. But for now, I am in complete silence most of the time – except when Chanda’s kids come over every six pm to watch movies in my laptop.

I go to sleep filled with remorse and gratitude. And wake up to the soft sounds of the waves. Life is good.

Skimboarding in Bayabas

Grassland by the Sea

The Breakwall of Bayabas

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Bayabas Solitude