The Seaside Hermit

a view of my hermit hut

Bayabas, Cagayan de Oro is a coastal village that takes pride in its sandy beaches and warm and clear sea waters. It offers a view of the horizon, the Macajalar Bay and a silhouette of  Camiguin.

We used to visit Bayabas for beach picnics or to stay in our sister’s place in Orcullo Compound. But this is our home now, ever since our sister  suffered a major stroke that kept her comatose and  bedridden after the craniectomy.

Though we rented an apartment in Orcullo Compound, I chose to stay in a tiny, nipa hut just a few feet away from the mangrove orchard with a good view of the sea. I call it my hermitage since I am alone and this is where I meditate and pray every day.

I am trying to follow the ways of a modern hermit without being necessarily religious or ritualistic.  I don’t engage much with people except to play with Chanda’s kids and to engage in a neighborly chat with my neighbor Jeff who owns the store where I get my daily does of Red Horse (a cheaper and stronger red wine substitute). I avoid going to the city as much as possible. I don’t interact with people unless necessary, and I spend most o f my free time in prayer and contemplation.

I work as content specialist for an global seo company; I cook dinner for the family; and I am one of Melit’s primary caregivers.

Perhaps, I am attempting to live the life of the poet Rilke, which for me was simply wonderful.

Bayabas is a great place to live, and I want to share it with you through these photos.


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